Gowanus Open Studios 2014

Added on by Miska Draskoczy.

Gowanus Open Studios is this weekend and I'll be participating this year in two locations. First up is Gowanus Wild at Ground Floor Gallery, a show conceived to take place in conjunction with Gowanus Open Studios and highlighting the wild and unique character of the neighborhood. It's a great place to start your open studios day (hint, hint...) and Hyperallergic agrees - check out their concise guide to Gowanus Open Studios which has Gowanus Wild on their shortlist of things to see:

Gowanus Wild @ Ground Floor Gallery
October 10th - November 9th
walking tour Sunday November 9th, 5-7pm (RSVP here)
343 5th Street (@ 5th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11215 (google maps link)

Next, stroll down the street a few blocks from the gallery where I'll have my home studio open to visitors for those who want to stop by and chat while checking out more Gowanus Wild images and behind the scenes demos of how the photos are captured and refined. I'll also be showing new work from two projects in development, panoramic shots from Raw Are the Bones of My Earth, a new series about adventure and the elemental, and book dummy mockups from Adverse Reaction, a very NYC project exploring ad graffiti in the subways. Light snacks and drinks will be served, so come by and enjoy some art and conversation:

Gowanus Open Studios
October 18th & 19th, 12pm-6pm 
Studio of Miska Draskoczy
698 Sackett Street #2R
Brooklyn, NY 11217 (google maps link)