Mister Gimp

When Simon's video game character comes to life and tortures his dysfunctional family, Simon must decide whether to stop the violence or turn into a Gimp himself... forever.  

A feature horror screenplay by Miska Draskoczy.  Semi-finalist in the Slamdance Screenplay competition.  


The Trick

Passersby investigate a giant Rubik's Cube and get more than they bargained for. A sinister magician sucks them into a surreal puzzle world where they must alter their vision of reality to escape. 

The Trick is a multi-channel short film designed to screen in an immersive four screen video room. Surrounded on all sides, the viewer takes on the perspective of being inside the cube.

Screened at monkeytown, Fantasia Fest, Royal Flush Film Fest.

Perfect Heat

A surreal sci-fi short about anxiety.  A patient struggles to integrate his fragmented worlds as a peculiar therapeutic treatment unfolds between dream and reality, connecting doctor and patient  as lovers, torturers and professionals. 

Screened at Fantastic Fest, Fantasia Fest, LA Shorts Fest, SF Indiefest, and many others.


Golf Xpress

An interactive golf tutorial gone wrong. Virtual golf pro Bruce Johnson delivers advice about the importance of a good swing, the winner's mentality, and how to snort cocaine off your secretary's thigh.

Screened at Denver Underground Film Fest (Best of Fest), TromaDance & more.