Some of All Things

What do the things in your home reveal about you? What's the story behind that stuffed head on the wall, the old doll in the closet, the feather boa on the counter?  Documentary web series 'Some of All Things' takes a look at the lives of people from all over the country, everyone from porn stars to rock climbers, hog hunters to gang members… all seen through the lens of their most personal possessions.

Director/creator Miska Draskoczy and producer Jennifer Howd traveled across the country to shoot 17 new episodes for the 'Across America' edition of the series.  Discover the fascinating stories tucked away in people's belongings and find out how they reveal their owners' unique personalities. 


Katy Manley - National Park Service Ranger

Take a peek inside Park Ranger Katy Manley's cabin in Grand Teton National Park and discover her passion for the park service, her new found watercolor talents and how she came to be known as the 'Bird Lady.'


Nina Hartley & Ira Levine - porn actress & BDSM director

Porn legend Nina Hartley and BDSM director Ira Levine bring us into their wonderfully naughty play space in downtown Los Angeles. Whips, cages, erotic art, pony harnesses and a nature TV show are all part of the fun and games. Who knew Nina was such a animal lover?


Joseph 'Snooploc' Belmar - gang leader

Crips gang leader Joseph 'Snooploc' Belmar shows us around his Brooklyn home. Gold teeth, gang tattoos, an astrological sweatshirt and photos of Snoop's former slave trading British side of the family reveal a complex personality that defies stereotypes. 

Judy Messoline - UFO Watchtower owner

Rancher turned UFO buff Judy Messoline runs a watchtower in the Colorado desert where hundreds of sightings have been documented since the 17th century.  Walk through 'The Garden' of odd mementos left by visitors over the years and then discover voluminous doll collections, a cow themed bathroom, pet taxidermy and more in Judy's ranch house next door.