Dreams Less Sweet screening at BAM

Added on by Miska Draskoczy.

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge founded the pioneering industrial music group Throbbing Gristle and later went on to form 80's experimental electronic group Psychic TV. With video always at the forefront of Psychic TV, Breyer commissioned a group of 47 artists to produce a full length music video commemorating the 30th anniversary of the band's seminal album Dreams Less Sweet. Each artist was given a secret code word, a magic number, and approximately one minute of music from the album to which they could set any moving images they wanted. The pieces were then reassembled into a massive video collage that continues the arc of avant-garde cut-up cinema, whose frontiers Psychic TV helped forge in the early 80's.

Below is my contribution to the piece and I'm thrilled to announce that after debuting at the Andy Warhol Museum last year it will have its NYC debut at BAM Rose Cinemas on Tues, May 13th.